HACT Human Awareness on Cyber Threats


Security Awareness Raising

Our approach: We don't give lessons to the employees by limiting us to do's and don'ts. We will demonstrate attacks and come with practical and technical solutions that really do the job and can be applied in their everyday life. To top it off: we deliver our message in an interactive and pleasant way.


Securing the weakest link

Your company has invested a lot of money into IT security by installing firewalls, anti-virus, IDS, ... making it hopefully nearly impossible to hack your systems. Unfortunately your security is as strong as its weakest link and all those technical solutions can be circumvented by targeting the humans behind. To improve your security level and to maximize the return on investment: you should consider training your employees, making them aware and make sure they are not the weakest link anymore.


An interactive approach

We perform live attacks (based on real incidents) both prior to the workshop and during the workshop. This helps people understand what the current threats are and how to fight them.



Our materials are fully modular and are divided in several topics, each focusing on a specific aspect of the IT security. We analyse together your company's policies, security level and other specific requirements. We then customize our materials to suit your company's specific needs therefore helping you to develop an efficient awareness program.


Independent point of view

As external third party we are totally independent from your company hierarchy. This gives us the opportunity to provide a totally unbiased opinion. Additionally, we have a very specific expertise in IT security and teaching. Finally employees tend to react negatively towards their colleagues in charge of IT security. They are usually more inclined to listen to an independent third party.



We believe it's important to reach the people in their own language. This brings more value to the awareness activities. This is why we do speak English, Dutch and French fluently. All workshops can be given in any of these 3 languages and the different materials are all fully translated.

Awareness Videos

Black Hat 2012

At Black Hat Europe 2012, InfosecCynic asked the experts for their views on the importance of user awareness training.

Awareness Articles

NIST SP-800-50

How to build an Information Technology Security Awareness and Training Program.


This guide presents an analysis of the main processes to prepare and implement information security awareness programmes in public and private organisations.


Impact of Security Awareness Training Components on Perceived Security Effectiveness.

GIAC paper

Developing a “Security Aware” Culture in an Employee owned Company