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Topics - Data Protection


Data Protection

Backup, Encryption

When you loose your laptop or phone, you also loose all the valuable information stored inside. You loose the photos of your last holiday with the children, the last contract signed with a customer, ... This can happen to anyone and this is why backups can save your life. You also have to make a difference between sensitive and non-sensitive data. If you estimate that one cannot access certain data, you need to encrypt it. This way you will be sure that only you can access this data. Encryption isn't difficult to use, a lot of simple tools can do the job.

In our presentation we:

- Define sensitive information.

- Explain the onion principle.

- Show backup tools.

- Show encryption tools.

Additional information :

TrueCrypt : Free encryption software

BackupMaker : Free backup tool

SugarSync : Automatic syncing program (5 Gb free)

SiderOak : Another syncing program (2 Gb free)