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Topics - Passwords



The longer, the better

Regarding passwords the problem is simple: you have to choose a password that is as long as possible. the longer your password is, the longer it will take for an attacker to find it. We recommend to use passphrases, because they are easier to remember. Another important point is to use different passwords for different accounts. This will prevent loosing all your digital life at once, if your only password has been discovered.

In our presentation we:

- Explain what is a good password?

- Explain the concept of passphrase.

- Demonstrate Passmanager : A free online password manager we developped.

Additional information :

PassManager : A free online password-manager

Tool to see the importance of a long password

Check here if your credential have leaked on the internet

KeePass : A free offline password-manager

Fun video on passwords (EN)

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